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“Nagulat Ako Ron” Luchi Cruz Valdes, Ginulat Ang Publiko Sa Ibinunyag Niyang Ito Tungkol Kay KC Concepcion Na Hindi Inasahan Ng Lahat

Veteran journalist and Usapang Real Life host Luchi Cruz Valdez finally gets to experience being interviewed and she did not hold back on sharing her thoughts.

According to the reporter, one of the things that made her lover her job as a host is that as a media practitioner, she naturally have a call for anything that falls under the news, may it be from the showbiz side.

“Alam mo, kaya gustung-gusto ko rin itong show na ‘to, it really brings out what to me is something that everybody has.

“Kahit naman kaming mga journalists, gustung-gusto rin namin ang showbiz.


“Kaya nga may showbiz news palagi kami. Kasi, ang sarap talagang pag-usapan ng buhay ng mga sikat.” she said.

She also explained why she has always bee fascinated about the ‘buhay artista’

“So, if you’ll ask me who’s my dream interviewee, lahat sila, gusto kong malaman kung sino sila off-cam. Kapag wala sila sa harap ng camera.

“At naniniwala ako, kung pagkakatiwalaan nila ako, pagkakatiwalaan nila ang show natin, ang Usapang Real Life, na hindi sila bababuyin—at yung audience na mismo ang huhusga kung totoo ang sinasabi nila.”

When asked about the dream person that she wants to interview, the reporter was quick to respond: Piolo Pascual.


“Yung mga nakausap ko, preferences ko na yun. Pero, meron pa na mga gusto ko, like si Piolo Pascual. Crush ko yun, e. Pero, wag daw muna,” she said.

Luchi also said that among every celebrities that she encountered from her show, her talk with KC Concepcion was the most memorable.

According to the host, she never expected KC to be so open about her struggles as an only child of two parents who were able to build their own family afterwards.

The singer actress also talked about how she often feel alone because both her mom and dad had other kids and she was trying to hard finding a place to fit in growing up.


After that interview, KC’s mom Sharon Cuneta wrote a letter to her first born and said that whatever happens, she will never regret meeting and loving her ex husband, Gabby Concepcion because it was the reason why they have KC right now.

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