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This Stray Kitten Was Found In A Terrible Condition And His Transformation After Months Of Love Is Remarkable

Meet Courtney, a cute boy was adopted during last year’s blood moon by a couple in Philippines.

The confusing name is because at first, John and his girlfriend, the owners, thought he was a she. Besides, they rescued him from a nearby basketball court, so the name Courtney makes sense.

When Courtney was found, his body was covered in engine grease and gunk, there was no way he could have survived if John didn’t rescue him. John and his girlfriend took Courtney home and gave him several baths in that night to clean him up. And the result of taking care of something; such as watering the flowers in your garden, or giving a pet as much love and caring as it needs, is always satisfying.

Courtney grew up to be a healthy and handsome boy, he now has a forever home with people who love him and take care of him. Seeing Courtney’s condition at the first night he was taken home might break your heart a little bit, but let’s keep in mind that we need to spread the love and kindly sharing help as much as we can!

Courtney’s condition when he was first brought home.

And when the glow up hits.